Do you know how to take your thoughts captive?

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Being able to take the paper filled with all my thoughts from my thought download (check last weeks blog) and knowing what to do with them has been life changing for me. I have learned how to TAKE MY   THOUGHTS CAPTIVE.

This is the self-coaching model that Brooke Castillo teaches at the Life Coaching School. Learning how to self-coach is what has unlocked so much for me. I can take a thought and see what feeling that thought creates.

From that feeling I can see what actions I am taking. And from those actions I can see my current results. Wow! So, a simple thought like “I don’t know how to make friends in this new town” creates a feeling of inadequacy. From inadequacy, I take a lot of inaction, not initiating conversations or not asking people to coffee or hang out; which then results in me being unable to make new friends. That creates more evidence to back my belief of I don’t know how to make friends in this new town. The cycle never ends, I just keep proving that to myself over and over.

But just changing that thought a little can make a huge shift in what actions I do take. Just thinking I am becoming someone who knows how to make friends in this new town, or asking myself how would someone make friends in a new town and answering that with something more than I don’t know. These thoughts are what create a different feeling than inadequate.

How do I want to feel about making new friends? I want to feel confident, capable and like new friends are for me in this place. When I feel those things, I take a lot more action than just being passive. When I believe there are new friends for me here in this place my brain goes to work confirming that belief and typically, I see new friendships sparking up all around me.

It all happens with a new thought. Seeing the old thought that I believed to be true (I don’t know how to make friends in this new town) and examining it and realizing that thought is keeping me stuck, is key. Then I can begin to shift to the new thought, feel confident and start taking action from there. This practice is something you can do with any of your thoughts from your thought download.

And if you try and it doesn’t quite work, then it’s ok, I can help you. That is where coaching comes in. I can walk you through the model and help you gain clarity on what your thought is creating and what new thought you could think instead. Want some help? Hit the Let’s Talk button and schedule a free mini-session today.

The Thought Download

The power of a blank piece of paper-the thought download

When I wake up, I take a look at a blank piece of paper. It is a powerful tool for me to take what is in my mind, all the stuff, and put it down on paper. I need this. I have so much going on that I am unaware of some detrimental thoughts that are unknowingly pulling me away from who I want to be, who God is wooing me to be.

It is in the process of filling the blank piece of paper with my thoughts that I am able to have awareness. I write things down that I didn’t even know I was thinking. I write and write and write. Sometimes I will set a timer and just go for as long as I have time for. This has been a practice that I have been doing for about a year and when I do it, I am so glad I did. I feel known. I feel like I see me. 
I am able to give myself the time and space that I offer so many others throughout my day. I love asking friends, “Hi… how are you, what have you been thinking about lately?” So, to stop and give myself my own time and attention and say, “Hi, how are you, what have you been thinking about lately?” And then to truly listen and become aware of it. It is like GOLD. 
I feel myself relax into being seen and known and then I am able to spend time with God without the jumble in my head. I am clear and open and in touch with my thoughts. For far too long I was not even AWARE of me. I was continually pushing myself down and trying to cram God over it. I knew there were things that I was dealing with I just didn’t know what.

Now I see where I am, and I am able to see the thoughts that are creating negativity, unnecessary suffering, and the actions that I am taking that is creating a me, that I don’t want to be. 
God is so good to meet me, all of me. My thoughts and concerns. My questions and my dreams. My struggles and my victories. Yet, I need to have an awareness of myself so I can fully come to Him with all of me. He longs to transform my mind (Romans 12) and that takes me doing the work of unpacking what is truly there. 
So, grab a piece of blank paper, and dump it all out. If the idea of a blank piece of paper is too hard I created a downloadable thought prompter.  Check it out here:

Single Ladies Summer Thrive Guide

The Single Ladies Summer Thrive Guide:

There are many things that come up during the summer that can affect single ladies in a way that can be defeating. I want to tackle some of those with you. I talk about swimsuits, weddings, family vacations, evenings spent alone, and goals. I give you a new way to think about things, and some great questions to ask yourself.

Get this free guide today, and start implementing these practical tips.

Your future self will thank you!

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What is a Life Coach anyway?

I have started telling people that I am a certified life coach and immediately the next question is… what is a life coach? That is a great question, most commonly, Life Coaches work with people who want to go from one place in their life to the next.  It is different than therapy, but I would say it is very much future focused.

Where do you want to go? What areas in your life are points of pain that we can work through and move you forward. I will try, and explain it with a metaphor for clarity.

If you wanted to learn to play volleyball and you really had no idea how to play, you might take a class or lesson to learn the basics. Once you got pretty good, if you really wanted to pursue volleyball seriously you might hire a coach to work with you more closely one on one and help you really take things to the next level. That coach would be me. Except the sport isn’t volleyball, it is life.

Every aspect of our life can be complicated; from relationships, to our health. And let me tell you something… it ALL BEGINS IN YOUR MIND. Everything in your life is coming from your thoughts. So, as your life coach I really help you investigate your thoughts. I give you very basic and simple tools that you can practice on your own; and when we get together we dive deep to uncover thoughts that maybe you didn’t even know were there, or were keeping you stuck. Sometimes this can seem overwhelming, but once my clients see what they are creating in their mind, they are able to have tremendous growth as they take ownership of every aspect of their life.

With Steward your Story, I’m working with single women who love Jesus. They are women who are just like you, or your close friends. Ordinary women who are going through life being human, and doing the best they can. They come to me because they recognize that they need someone to help them on their journey. They need someone who has been in their shoes, and can relate; but can push, challenge, and walk with them through their growth.

How does it work?

I do all my coaching over Zoom, or the phone. Almost all of my clients don’t live close enough to meet up in person. I have been amazed at what seeing someone on Zoom does, because we connect all over the world. As my clients’ experience breakthroughs, I see it in their whole demeanor, or if on the phone, I hear a shift in their voice. It’s as if they moved a notch on the compass of their life, and the trajectory has shifted. I have started sessions with someone in tears and totally downcast, and left with their head up, confident to implement some empowering tools that week.

I have a 12-week group coaching program called Steward your Story—Starting this September. Everyone starts out learning the tools that are critical if you want to feel better, be more effective, and/or start focusing on what you want in the future.  The 12-week program, consisting of one group coaching session per week, will change you. Permanently. I like to tell people that once they know these tools, they can’t un-know them and it will truly change the way you view your life, your relationships, and your day-to-day activities. I also offer one-on-one coaching for those looking for a more personal deep dive.

My goal is to empower women to experience God in a different way; as they see, hear, and even encounter His Word differently. They can do this after they have learned to take their thoughts captive and have tools to renew their mind.

What made you choose to do this and what did you have to do in order to get started?

The short version is that I was coached, and didn’t really know it. A year, or so after that experience my heart kept returning to the memory of my life before being coached, and my life after. It was a huge turning point for me. It was the day I stopped living at the effect of my life and I started to own it, or steward my story. I was curious about life coaching, and what it took to become certified. Then began my journey with the podcast: The Life Coaching School and Brooke Castillo.

As I listened to the podcast, and began implementing the tools into my daily life, change was happening. I was learning to self-coach, and was thinking differently over all. As I began to research other options for certification, I felt a pull to this one because of the self-coaching model, and the reality that I can use it as I coach people and then really teach my clients how to use it in their own life. I knew that it was possible because I was doing it in my life, and getting results. My life was changing and for the better.

I was beginning to see God changing me, and revealing to me areas of my life that needed some help. I got coached by a certified coach from the Life Coach School and that experience solidified it for me. I wanted to become a coach and I wanted to have the skills the Life Coach School taught. It was just a matter of when I could get certified.

Through my certification, and much dialogue with God, my eyes were opened to how He was using these tools to reinforce everything He was teaching me. Each week God was planting nuggets of truth throughout what I was learning from Scripture, devotions, bible reading & church, and life coach certification. God was allowing me to see how He had led me to this point, and how together He and I can bring this to others.

Needless to say, since passing my certification at the school I have felt on fire about sharing these tools with others. I chose to focus my business on single women who love Jesus because I wish I had these tools during those chapters of my story. When I was single, I was in full-time ministry, and though everything was “good,” and I was “fine” in that season; I thought true happiness was on the other side of marriage and kiddos. Once I did have marriage, and kids, there was a wake-up call for me. I was not happy at all, actually I was pretty miserable. Now I can see that loving the story God has given me was available to me during my single chapters just as much as it is now in the chapters with a husband, and kiddos.

I want to help single women understand how to love whatever season they are in.

Also, I love single women. Every time I meet someone in their 20s/30s, and I find out they are single—my heart leaps. I almost always say girl, “I know where you are, I was there too.”  I have so many things to say to them; but really, I want to say, “I SEE YOU!”

So, what is the ultimate way to see someone—build an entire business around them. Make them your people, and serve them every way the Lord leads you to. That is where I am and I am beyond excited to do this. I want to be your life coach. I want to guide you as you Steward your Story.  

With you,

Angie Woods


Stewarding your Story Galatians 6:4-5

As I listened to Katherine Wolf on a panel at the 2019 IF: Gathering, it was like God was using her as a megaphone to me. “How do you balance it all?” They asked her. And in her very own beautiful way, Katherine shared this: “Galatians 6:2 states, ”Bear each other’s burdens.” Galatians 6:9 states, “Do not grow weary in doing good.” And smack dab in the middle of them, Galatians 6:4-5 states, “Take responsibility for doing the creative best with your own life.” That is the key to balancing it all. God knew we needed help in this area and he used Paul’s words to walk us through that process. He says to us, “I am giving you a story and I want you to steward it.”

Katherine simplified balance for me in such clear terms. The only way we can carry each other’s burdens and not grow weary is to own our life…steward our story.  What if I took that responsibility seriously? What if I did my creative best with my own life? I stopped and pondered that for quite a while. See when I heard this, I was almost completely certified as a life coach and had just figured out the group of women the Lord was calling me to work with. In the business world they call it your niche. My niche had been clearly pointed out to me by God and He was calling me to single women who love Him. And essentially, I was saying to God, “I want to bear these women’s burdens and I do NOT want to grow weary.” I have done full time ministry before and I grew very weary… kind of burnt out.  The Lord wanted to make a few things clear to me.

1.    There is a way to bear one another’s burdens without growing weary. 

It was like He was saying to me, “You can do this. This is possible. You can bear others burdens; everyone from your friends, to your clients, and even strangers I bring into your path. This is NOT too much for you. I want you to see that here in Galatians. And also, the women I am calling you to serve, they need to know this too.”

2.    God walked me through the how of stewarding my story.

God had essentially been taking me on a journey and it was at that moment during the conference that I heard Him say to me, “I have been showing you how to own your life. I have taught you how to stop living at the effect of life around you and I have taught you how to embrace it and truly take responsibility for the current results you have in your life. I have given you tools and the time to uncover what is going on with your beliefs and your current behaviors that are keeping you in certain places in your life.” See, with each week of life coach certification it was like He was peeling back another layer of me that I had become to survive and just try and make it. As each layer was coming off, I was beginning to see what I had been doing. What I had been creating with the way I was looking at my story. I was beginning to have mind shifts and take back parts of me and begin to ask God what He wanted with each part of my story. So, unbeknownst to me, he was walking me through the how of stewarding your story (Galatians 6:4).

3.    He wants me to equip YOU with the how

He was doing all of this for me so that I could teach others how. God was saying to me “Equip them.” Be an example. Let your story intersect with theirs and let me use your life as a part of their story.  Remember, your life is not yours anyways. I have blessed your story beyond anything you can comprehend or imagine. It was like He was saying to me, “Listen, I have taught you some tools and now I want to use you to get these tools to others. I want you to be my mouthpiece about it. I want you to teach women just like you how to LOVE the season of life they are in and equip them so they can LOVE where I have them. Some of them don’t love it and some of them are surviving, some of them are bearing each other’s burdens to the point of burn out. I want to help them. Some are getting burned, by the church, by their friends, by the institution of marriage. Some of them are angry with me and feel alone. Some of them are hurting. Some of them are lost, or stuck and I see them. I want you to see them and I want you to walk with them and train them as they get what it looks like to steward their story.”

What I have come to learn is that my story is beautiful, it is telling His most amazing story. It isn’t my story, it’s His. My job is to steward His story in my life well. My story is connected to EVERYTHING God is doing in the world. He longs to be glorified in my story and He wants me to enjoy Him while He is writing it. And get this… He wants the same for you!

If this stirs something within you, my next post explains more about life coaching, what it is, and how God led me to it. 

With you,

Angie Woods