Do you play the Blame Game?

I did…it’s a horrible game actually. You never win.

I often blamed others for how I felt. I think I have done this since, forever.

I blamed the weather for ruining my plans. I blamed the computer for stressing me out. I blamed my co-worker for making me angry. I definitely blamed the scale for making me feel fat.

These are negative feelings that I attributed to others, but I did this with the positive feelings too. The ice cream made me happy. The invitation made me feel included. The smile made me feel accepted. The note and flowers made me feel love.

It left me struggling to feel in control of my emotions. No wonder I struggled, because I allowed both positive and negative emotions to be effected by everything and everyone else.

And the flip side was even worse, because, I thought that I made other people feel positive and negative emotions too. So, I was stuck trying to have others make me happy, and believing I made others happy. Do you do this? This kept me feeling STUCK emotionally. My total emotional well-being was 100% based on how I made others feel and how others made me feel.

Add on to this the fact that I was a total people-pleaser, and had fully bought into the lie that I was good at making others happy. :) WOW, this all created a tornado effect emotionally in my life because I constantly was trying to CONTROL everything and everyone.

If people make you feel a certain way, you really want them to act in a way that makes you feel happy. But sure enough they don’t act the way you want them to, and then you wind up feeling mad, angry, disappointed, frustrated, and hurt. All because of how they act.

But what if this wasn’t true? What if people can act however they want, life can happen how ever it does and it doesn’t have the power to control your emotions?

Because, guess where emotions come from…. your thoughts. You can think about anything however you want. It can rain and you can still choose to think about it in a way that makes you put on your rain boots and splash in muddy puddles. The computer can stop working and you can look at it as a chance to work with pencil and paper, or work on something else. Your co-worker can act however they want to act and you can be curious instead of judgmental. The scale can show any number and you can still feel proud, worthy, and beautiful.

Circumstances can’t control you, only you can control how you look at your circumstances.

This is the best news ever, because then we don’t have to go around trying to control other people or things all the time. That is exhausting, believe me I know :).

The way you think about something is how it makes you feel. You are completely in control of your feelings. You are responsible for your happiness and your unhappiness.

We see this often come up in relationships. Often when dating, people say this is what I need to be happy, or feel loved, or for connection. But then we use that list to blame the other person because they don’t act that way and therefore are creating unhappiness, not feeling love, or lack of connection. This doesn’t work. It can be vital to relationships because it forces you to be dependent on the other person. It also puts a lot of responsibility on the other person to act exactly how you want them to. But the best relationships happen when two people take care of their own needs first, and then come together to enjoy their time together. I am loved, valued, safe, happy, connected because of how I think. I then come to my relationship not thinking about what they do for me, or how they make me feel, but that we just get to enjoy each other’s company.

When you take full responsibility for your emotional well-being you allow other people to behave the way they want and you get to behave the way you want. You are responsible for your actions and you let them be responsible for their actions. It is so freeing and a whole lot less controlling!

Where are you placing blame in your life? What are you trying so hard to control? Are you blaming singleness, or that guy that you just dated for anything?

Working on controlling just me,


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Checking off the boxes

Our life is not our own, and we know this but deep down we fight against it. We want ownership of things. Our lower brain wants certainty. That is why we love lists and boxes to be checked off. Our brains get a dopamine hit when we check, tick, cross off. There is certainty in that plan. But if we are not careful, we do that with our lives too. Go to college- check, get married- check, dream job- check, have babies- check, dream house- check, etc.   

But what happens when you don’t get what you want or when you can’t check the box? For me it was graduate college, check, dream job, check, but kind of stopped there.  Babies, house, future, true happiness, was all dependent on the box get married. I was not checking that one off, and it felt uncertain. So, now what? How do we dream about the future and move forward when there was so much uncertainty about that box right there, marriage? And why was it so hard to check that box off? 

Each birthday and year that passed by was just a reminder that my future was becoming my present and time was “running out”. As my 30th birthday was approaching I could see all this tension because life was just not going as PLANNED. 

I love Jeremiah 29:11; I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and give you a future.  

When I think, He knows the plans for me, I feel secure. When I think, He will prosper me, I feel taken care of. And when I think, He gives me a future, I feel purposeful. 

Plans… seem so pretty, but can be really painful at the same time. To own something, to steward it well, we kind of need a plan. And plans feel certain. But what happens when the certain doesn’t happen?

We tend to make it mean something about us. We make it mean there is something wrong with us. We failed, or we didn’t make it happen. We aren’t pretty enough for marriage. Or, we are too much for guys. Or my personal favorite… I made it mean, I was too independent. But what if we look at the plan as well, this is a part of the plan. See, God tells us that your life is mine, but He doesn’t give us a step by step layout of the how. He leaves that a mystery. What we are certain of is; we are born and we die. Everything else is well uncertain…. That makes me feel good! But how do we steward our life than, with the little certain knowledge that we do have?  We look at it through the eyes of God. He has this for me for a reason. He is doing something in the midst of this unknown for me. 

I recently heard a sermon on this passage by Tim Keller. He shared the context of Jeremiah 29 and how Jeremiah was actually speaking to those that were in exile. The people that were a part of the first group of exiles taken from Jerusalem to Babylon were the tradesmen or experts in their field, and Daniel was a part of this group. Now, before he tells them that God knows the plans for them, he goes on to give them some directions about how they should be living in exile. He says, “Build houses, plant gardens, get married, have kids, and THRIVE.” He was telling those in exile; listen up…. Don’t just wait it out… don’t just try and survive this.  Go and make the most of this time in your life, even when it isn’t going the way you had planned it. When I heard this, I thought man single women need to know these verses context. You may think that this is your exile. Singleness; the place you never thought you would be, but God is saying, “Do this season well, thrive” And the reason He is saying that is because verse 11. I know the plans I have. It may seem like it is not working out, but be certain of this. I AM in control of this ALL.

It is good to know that your brain wants certainty, because you can see why this uncertainty causes it problems. And since everyone around you seems to be doing the same things like getting married and then having kids, it is easier to say this is the way it should go and my life is not going the way everyone else’s does.  But what if you looked at it with a totally different perspective? My life is NOT mine. I am blessed with the privilege to steward MY story. The story unfolding around me is fill in the blank. Proverbs 16:9 says, We plan the way we want to live, but only God makes us able to live it. He wants us to plan and dream and go for the Gold! He wants us to make lists and check them off, but when they don’t get checked off. Don’t make it mean something bad about you, make it mean something amazing about God. What does He want for you?  What does He have for you? It doesn’t mean stop the planning, go right on with the planning. Just know that His plan is the best. The unchecked box doesn’t have to feel painful. Maybe you were meant to see 30 and the marriage box not be checked, it is OK. Something I have learned is, that my plans seem great, but HIS blow my mind!  

Planning with open hands right along with you,


Your relationship with you

Did you know that you will be with you more than any other person?

Kind of a fascinating thought. I will spend the most time with myself. So, when I think about it that way I might as well have a fabulous relationship with myself. And, this should be the relationship that I put the most work into. What I didn’t know until recently is that your relationship with yourself is just the thoughts you think about you. I have 65,000 thoughts that run through my head a day, most of them unconsciously, and many of them are about me. Thoughts about what I do, how I look, what I say, and even think.  And, once I started to pay attention to the thoughts, I have about myself, I realized that they were pretty negative and harsh.

Why are we so critical of ourselves?

Well, your lower brain, or primitive brain, is constantly scanning the environment and looking for danger.  When we do something that is interpreted by our lower brain as danger, it alerts us to it and wants to heighten our attention to it so we will respond to it. Our brain wants us to do something about it. So, when I say something to someone and they respond defensively or different than I am expecting, my brain is working hard to let me know. This happened to me recently in a conversation and it is so funny how quickly my inner dialogue was, “Wow, you really messed that conversation up, you said too much, you didn’t give them time to respond, you always do that, you really need to work on that, that is so unappealing to others, you really need to think through things before just blurting them out.”

I felt like I couldn’t even trust myself, and that I should speak perfectly. It is like I can’t make a mistake in conversation. Or I can’t say something and someone else not agree with me. So, that felt restricted and harsh. I felt like I had just gotten a lecture from myself and It was painful.       

So, recently I started thinking why do I talk to myself like that?  Why am I quick to flip to judgment and sentences like; you always, never, etc….? And you know what,  I think that my brain thought, “That conversation felt uncomfortable, let’s not have uncomfortable again, so YOU need to change and quickly.”  And my quickest way to change is a harsh talking to. But, why can’t I feel uncomfortable? What is so bad with that feeling. You know, sometimes conversations don’t go the way we thought. Or sometimes someone takes something differently than you were meaning it. I think it is supposed to go that way actually. I don’t want people to always agree with me. But why do I quickly interpret that as BAD? And then make it mean, that I am bad. This is an area I want to work on.

So how do I do that?

I want to investigate what is really going on for me and dig deeper beyond the surface of don’t ever do that again. Because let’s be honest, it is going to happen again.  If you know me, I like conversation, and deep ones at that. There will be conversations that make me uncomfortable, but I need to let my brain in and say, “Hey, we are fine, nothing is wrong, we are having a conversation. We both have two different views and at times that feels weird or uncomfortable, but that is a part of life, and I don’t always have to walk away beating myself up or lecturing myself.”

So, my inner dialogue needs a tune up. My tune up looks like being curious instead of harsh and judgmental. And you know what, it feels better. When I mess up, and let me tell you that is often, and I ask myself, “Hey, what was going on there, what happened?” I am so much gentler and graceful and patient, and accepting.

Matthew 22:39 Love your neighbor as yourself. I really started to think about how am I loving myself?

I can begin loving myself by treating myself kindly, compassionately, and investigative instead of harsh, indifferent, and accusatory.

As I have begun to work on this my relationship with myself is changing. I think about myself differently and on purpose. I look in the mirror and choose how I want to feel about me. I want to glorify God with my thoughts about me, who He created. I want to look at my personality and the way He has wired me with gratitude and not judgment. I want to practice patience with the parts of me that I wish had changed like yesterday. I want a quality relationship with myself, and that boils down to choosing quality thoughts about myself. It comes down to the way I talk to myself and the way I choose to think about what I say or do.

 How are you doing in this area? Have you stopped to notice your inner dialogue? Are you critical with the way you look, say, think, or the things you do? Instead of being critical what if you could be curious?

Try it… loving yourself feels a whole lot better than hating yourself :)

Here’s to being curious,

Angie Woods

Do you Buffer?

I didn’t even know what buffering was. I thought people who engaged in buffering were people who had unhealthy addictions to things like drinking, drugs or pornography. It wasn’t until I learned more about this topic that I realized everybody, no matter how self-controlled or healthy, engages in buffering at times, and the impact it has on our overall well-being.

What is buffering you ask? It is trying to escape an internal feeling with something external.

Some examples of buffering behaviors that are more commonly acceptable and even encouraged among single women who love Jesus are: eating, working, exercising, instagramming/facebooking/pinning, gaming, male attention getting, netflixing, shopping, reading/podcasting, cleaning, being too busy, ok a lot of those are made up words but you get it.

Wait a minute, I do all of those…. I’m not saying you should not be doing the things listed above. What is key is that we notice why we are doing them. Are you doing them to escape a negative emotion? Do you hang up the phone from a hard conversation and immediately scrub the apartment from floor to ceiling? You may be cleaning to avoid the feelings of discomfort, but really you are just practicing not feeling the negative emotion and escaping from it with a buffer of choice. You get good at doing that, and you reinforce the concept of: do something to feel better, which over time, can cause you to lose the natural pleasure from everyday life as we chase for more pleasure to avoid the negative feelings.

I lived there, completely unaware of what I was doing. Then when I realized it, my awareness became full on. I thought eating ice cream or grabbing a snack or coffee was just a part of my life, but what I began to realize is that they were my life. I was so used to eating away my emotions it had become a full-on habit. I was getting most of my joy from it. The joy I was getting from relationships, and even simple pleasure was really not available because the “good” feelings came with the food. It was really out of control, but I didn’t even know it.

So how do you know if you are doing this too? Pay attention to yourself. Feel your feeling by naming the emotion, acknowledge it and sit with it. Rather than avoiding it or distracting yourself from it, or pretending it is not there. Lean into it, welcome it.

So, plans get cancelled and you are now all alone, all of the sudden you are hit with an emotion.

Do this:

1. Name the emotion.

“Rejection, this is rejection.

I like to talk to it and say, “Hello their rejection, I see you, I feel you.”

2. Be curious with it and describe it completely.

“You make my chest heavy and my heart rate rise. I also feel you in my stomach. You make me queasy and not hungry. You are red and hot and you move slow through me.”

This step is important because you need to connect with what emotions feel like to YOU as we are all different. It also gives you practice with noticing and allowing feelings again.

3. Connect it to the thoughts that are causing it.

“I know you’re here because I just got off the phone and plans for tonight are cancelled. I am alone and I feel rejection.  My mind is running wild about what it might mean. I’m subconsciously thinking that I am not wanted, that I did something wrong, that others don’t want to be around me, that I am weird, that I am not enough, if I was enough, I would not be alone all the time.”

Wow! Look what was under all that. I am amazed at what my brain throws at me. Once you have stopped and acknowledged the thoughts that are connected to the feelings and you still want to eat, then eat, but know your why. Know you are choosing to buffer to feel better. Whatever is there connect it to the thought and the feeling and begin to create an awareness, this is key.

I do this, and practice this regularly, and what is amazing is that once I have given my negative emotion some attention it is like it lets up. It sometimes likes to come up again, but typically it is less powerful. And feelings I have been trying so hard to avoid, once I do this, I am not afraid of them anymore. Rejection, I can do that, failure, got you, disappointment, bring it on!

Added benefit to all of this was, I was exchanging false pleasure for long term health. But I don’t have to do that anymore.  I can eat and have the appropriate amount of pleasure and feel truly healthy. The pleasure I have from taking care of myself and fueling myself has increased and the pleasure I get from sugar has drastically decreased. I never thought that was possible. I remember one day thinking I will struggle with my weight for the rest of my life, because I have just been born with a strong desire for sweets. There must be something wrong with me. You may feel that way too. You may think I will never be able to kick this pornography habit, or Netflix habit, or exercising habit. But, now I know there is another way.  And it all began with awareness and that is available for you too; name it, be curious, connect thoughts to feelings and slowly you too can take back control of your buffers.

I can’t wait for you to experience this too!

Angie Woods


Feelings part 3: The 50-50 experience.

Did you know that here on Earth we will have negative feelings 50% of the time and positive feelings 50% of the time? That is a part of the human experience. This is what we get here on Earth. Best news ever, in heaven we only experience 100% positive emotions. We live in a constant utopia, nothing negative, that is mind blowing.

Now that I know this, it compels me to get good at feeling the negative emotions. God clearly wanted them a part of our earthly experience. And after much thought, I wouldn’t want to get rid of the negative emotions. Some of those emotions serve me really well.  Feeling sad when a death occurs, or when a friend is moving is a negative emotion I want to feel. In the negative emotions, when I feel rejected, alone, scared, and disappointed, I run to God.

So, how do we get good at the negative emotions. Don’t fear them. Don’t run, or hide from them. Understand that this is part of the human experience. So, when I feel negative emotions, I welcome them in. I open myself up to why I am having them. Why is my mind going there, choosing to think something that feels negative? Do I want to feel this way.

I have learned that I create some unnecessary suffering for myself.

I recently was talking to someone and they pointed something out to me and immediately I made what they said feel painful. I made their words mean I was stupid, didn’t know what I was doing, inadequate. So now I ask myself “why do I want to make it mean that? Why do I want to feel bad?” It was tied to one thought. “They don’t think I know what I am doing.” That thought immediately began to bring up all this negative for me. But once I was able to see underneath the negative, I was able to see that I didn’t have to think about it that way. I could choose to think about it totally different.

That person is trying to help me. They are wanting it to be helpful. They are sharing an observation with me. They were not judging me. I was judging me.  Being curious helped me to uncover that I was choosing to feel that way. I was choosing to make it negative and I didn’t have to.

Some of the negative feelings will come about and we want them and some we create and don’t have to. Are you creating unnecessary suffering? Are you making your life feel negative more than 50% of the time? I was, and I am so glad I have learned to stop it.

If anything in this jumps out to you and you think; WOW, I would love to put these into practice and Angie can help me, then what are you waiting for? Click on the Let’s Talk button and hop on a free 30-minute mini-session and see if coaching is right for you.

Working on feeling right with ya,


Feelings part 2

There are only 2 types of feelings, positive and negative feelings and both are created by our thoughts. Sometimes when I work with a client, they may not be able to tell me what they are feeling and sometimes we start with are you opened or closed. But what is so funny to me is that the only way we know what one feeling feels like is because we know the other side of that feeling. For instance, have you ever been sick, like for more than 3 days sick? You know what healthy feels like after 3 days of sick. But when you have been healthy for years you begin to not know what healthy feels like. Without unhappiness, happiness can’t exist. That is how the world works, and because of that, we can accept both sides of the feelings. I can handle sadness, because I have experienced happy. I love to feel excited, because I know what nervous feels like. I can’t have one without the other.

Also, there is a degree of intensity to each feeling, like; fear that then turns into terror, or surprise that turns to amazement.

That happens by you thinking that thought more, and then adding other thoughts, that also make you feel that same feeling. I like to practice thinking a thought that gets me excited, and spend more time thinking about it, and adding more thoughts that get me excited, and it intensifies for me. For instance, we are headed to the beach soon and the more I think thoughts of anticipation, the more excited I become. I start thinking about all the things we will do at the beach and my excitement grows. I am in control of the intensity of the feeling. If I want to feel really excited, I focus my thoughts towards, “I can’t wait to be at the beach, we are going to have so much fun, etc…” Sometimes I just walk around saying, “We’re going to the beach!”  All of these thoughts get me anticipating the event with excitement. Do you want to know how to feel dread?  Think about all the things you have to do to get to the beach, all the packing, all the driving, all the…. You get my point. I am in control of my feelings. I can make them more intense or less intense based on my THOUGHTS. I can choose which feelings I want to have, and practice those thoughts more and more. Believe me, I LOVE being excited so I am practicing all of those thoughts, even as I begin to pack or clean beach toys, with sand from over a year ago.

I dare you to practice thinking thoughts on purpose that get you feeling a certain way and then intensify them based on adding more thoughts that make you feel that feeling even more. You may be surprised at how fun this is.

Feeling right along with ya,


FEELINGS; they aren’t so bad after all

feelings Insta.jpg

I guess I didn’t know that, and when I was learning this I think I felt a little behind, like ‘why didn’t someone teach me this in grade school?’  So, I am on a mission to inform people much earlier than I learned this concept. I guess I thought feelings, or emotions, just came on, and really were a force to be reckoned with.  Positive emotions, like happy, just came to me and put me in a great mood. The negative feelings were harder to deal with. Like, when I am on my period I deal with anger, frustration, and hormones. When I liked a guy, I felt I had to deal with all the feelings that came with it; which typically made me extra vulnerable to jealousy, tears, and self-loathing. I guess my definition would be something that hits you upside your head and you must terrain as best you can. The positive ones were easy to deal with, and the negative ones—not so much. That sounded like a rationale definition.

Really…’just vibrations in your body.’ When you say it like that it seems so harmless, right? And those vibrations just come from a thought in your brain. We did an exercise in my coaching class and we partnered up and pretended there was a green Martian with us to learn all about feelings. We were asked to pick one negative feeling and think thoughts that made us feel that way; all while describing to the Martian where the feeling was in our body. This exercise was really mind blowing because you know what happened... When I started to describe the feeling, it didn’t have as much power—it felt like it slowly faded. As I described where it was in my body; what it felt like, what color it would be, if it was moving or standing still, it was like I was honoring it in my body and then letting it go. I so often avoid feeling something because I am afraid of what it will feel like. For example, I don’t like to feel uncomfortable and to avoid that I chose a more powerful feeling like anger, or frustration to not have to feel uncomfortable. That was so interesting to me, that if I would just honor my negative feelings, give it the time and attention it needs, it wouldn’t be so negative in my life. I tend to compound the negative by trying to avoid one feeling, and just act out of a different more powerful feeling. Because being angry and frustrated gets me much farther than uncomfortable, right? No.

So now that we know feelings are just vibrations that come from thoughts, what do we do? We should practice them. Like really see what feeling you have—how it feels and what thought is creating that feeling. Funny thing is you have lots of thoughts going on, so take a deep breath. See what feeling is in your body, explain it to the green Martian, and then see if you can find what one thought is making you feel that way. This is a great practice for AWARENESS. Knowing what feelings we have on a regular basis can help us understand ourselves better, and can help us see if we want to have those feelings.  Often we are unaware of how we feel, and just try and make it through our days. Maybe that is just me. 😊 Check out the post tomorrow to learn about the two sides of feelings, and how to increase, or decrease the intensity.

Do you know how to take your thoughts captive?

_captive every thought_.jpg

Being able to take the paper filled with all my thoughts from my thought download (check last weeks blog) and knowing what to do with them has been life changing for me. I have learned how to TAKE MY   THOUGHTS CAPTIVE.

This is the self-coaching model that Brooke Castillo teaches at the Life Coaching School. Learning how to self-coach is what has unlocked so much for me. I can take a thought and see what feeling that thought creates.

From that feeling I can see what actions I am taking. And from those actions I can see my current results. Wow! So, a simple thought like “I don’t know how to make friends in this new town” creates a feeling of inadequacy. From inadequacy, I take a lot of inaction, not initiating conversations or not asking people to coffee or hang out; which then results in me being unable to make new friends. That creates more evidence to back my belief of I don’t know how to make friends in this new town. The cycle never ends, I just keep proving that to myself over and over.

But just changing that thought a little can make a huge shift in what actions I do take. Just thinking I am becoming someone who knows how to make friends in this new town, or asking myself how would someone make friends in a new town and answering that with something more than I don’t know. These thoughts are what create a different feeling than inadequate.

How do I want to feel about making new friends? I want to feel confident, capable and like new friends are for me in this place. When I feel those things, I take a lot more action than just being passive. When I believe there are new friends for me here in this place my brain goes to work confirming that belief and typically, I see new friendships sparking up all around me.

It all happens with a new thought. Seeing the old thought that I believed to be true (I don’t know how to make friends in this new town) and examining it and realizing that thought is keeping me stuck, is key. Then I can begin to shift to the new thought, feel confident and start taking action from there. This practice is something you can do with any of your thoughts from your thought download.

And if you try and it doesn’t quite work, then it’s ok, I can help you. That is where coaching comes in. I can walk you through the model and help you gain clarity on what your thought is creating and what new thought you could think instead. Want some help? Hit the Let’s Talk button and schedule a free mini-session today.

The Thought Download

The power of a blank piece of paper-the thought download

When I wake up, I take a look at a blank piece of paper. It is a powerful tool for me to take what is in my mind, all the stuff, and put it down on paper. I need this. I have so much going on that I am unaware of some detrimental thoughts that are unknowingly pulling me away from who I want to be, who God is wooing me to be.

It is in the process of filling the blank piece of paper with my thoughts that I am able to have awareness. I write things down that I didn’t even know I was thinking. I write and write and write. Sometimes I will set a timer and just go for as long as I have time for. This has been a practice that I have been doing for about a year and when I do it, I am so glad I did. I feel known. I feel like I see me. 
I am able to give myself the time and space that I offer so many others throughout my day. I love asking friends, “Hi… how are you, what have you been thinking about lately?” So, to stop and give myself my own time and attention and say, “Hi, how are you, what have you been thinking about lately?” And then to truly listen and become aware of it. It is like GOLD. 
I feel myself relax into being seen and known and then I am able to spend time with God without the jumble in my head. I am clear and open and in touch with my thoughts. For far too long I was not even AWARE of me. I was continually pushing myself down and trying to cram God over it. I knew there were things that I was dealing with I just didn’t know what.

Now I see where I am, and I am able to see the thoughts that are creating negativity, unnecessary suffering, and the actions that I am taking that is creating a me, that I don’t want to be. 
God is so good to meet me, all of me. My thoughts and concerns. My questions and my dreams. My struggles and my victories. Yet, I need to have an awareness of myself so I can fully come to Him with all of me. He longs to transform my mind (Romans 12) and that takes me doing the work of unpacking what is truly there. 
So, grab a piece of blank paper, and dump it all out. If the idea of a blank piece of paper is too hard I created a downloadable thought prompter.  Check it out here:

Single Ladies Summer Thrive Guide

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