Feelings part 3: The 50-50 experience.

Did you know that here on Earth we will have negative feelings 50% of the time and positive feelings 50% of the time? That is a part of the human experience. This is what we get here on Earth. Best news ever, in heaven we only experience 100% positive emotions. We live in a constant utopia, nothing negative, that is mind blowing.

Now that I know this, it compels me to get good at feeling the negative emotions. God clearly wanted them a part of our earthly experience. And after much thought, I wouldn’t want to get rid of the negative emotions. Some of those emotions serve me really well.  Feeling sad when a death occurs, or when a friend is moving is a negative emotion I want to feel. In the negative emotions, when I feel rejected, alone, scared, and disappointed, I run to God.

So, how do we get good at the negative emotions. Don’t fear them. Don’t run, or hide from them. Understand that this is part of the human experience. So, when I feel negative emotions, I welcome them in. I open myself up to why I am having them. Why is my mind going there, choosing to think something that feels negative? Do I want to feel this way.

I have learned that I create some unnecessary suffering for myself.

I recently was talking to someone and they pointed something out to me and immediately I made what they said feel painful. I made their words mean I was stupid, didn’t know what I was doing, inadequate. So now I ask myself “why do I want to make it mean that? Why do I want to feel bad?” It was tied to one thought. “They don’t think I know what I am doing.” That thought immediately began to bring up all this negative for me. But once I was able to see underneath the negative, I was able to see that I didn’t have to think about it that way. I could choose to think about it totally different.

That person is trying to help me. They are wanting it to be helpful. They are sharing an observation with me. They were not judging me. I was judging me.  Being curious helped me to uncover that I was choosing to feel that way. I was choosing to make it negative and I didn’t have to.

Some of the negative feelings will come about and we want them and some we create and don’t have to. Are you creating unnecessary suffering? Are you making your life feel negative more than 50% of the time? I was, and I am so glad I have learned to stop it.

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Working on feeling right with ya,