5 tips for figuring our your Fall schedule

Getting back into our Fall schedule has been a little adjustment. We are figuring out our new normal. I am working on how I want to feel about my time and how much I want to do everyday.

Last year at this time I didn't even know that I had a relationship with time? Isn't that crazy. My thoughts about time actually makeup my relationship with time. I think I like to fight it . I have some bad thoughts about time for sure! Do you?

We all have 24 hours in a day, and if most people sleep for 8, work for 8, then that leaves 8 other hours to do what we want with them. Those are the facts, 24 hours. I get to think about it however I want. The way it sounds is so simple, but I complicate it for sure.

I used to think about time from a very scarce mindset. Really believing I didn't have enough time, or I had too much to do. I bought into hustling and never stopping. At night my husband would sit and chill and watch Netflix, and all I did was stew and fuss about how much there was to do, and kill myself trying to do it ALL!

I became aware of this last August when I focused on how I felt about time and to be honest I think I have been a victim to time. I have been fighting the fact that there are "just" 24 hours in a day. God knew what He was doing by giving us limits and He decided 24 hours was more than enough. He also has put parameters on our life by making it so we need to sleep or rest to refuel for the next day. Someone asked me how much I rest in a day. I told them, "I don't rest, because if I do, I feel guilty that I am not getting more done with my time. My to-do list is too long to rest."

It really boiled down to believing I couldn’t rest because I was responsible for everything. Do you feel that way too? Like you are responsible for it all, and you have to make it all happen. Well, that will keep you from resting for sure. I really had to understand that I couldn’t do it all and that resting was good for me and needed and that the Sabbath and resting was meant for me by God as a reminder that He has it all. I just play a part, and a part which needs rest at times.

I also was fighting sticking to a schedule, because I didn't want to feel that I had to live by time constraints, yet I was constantly fighting with what time I did have.

I have changed my thinking about time to believe that I have more than enough time to do what God wants me to do every day. I know there will always be "more" to do, but I have done all I can today. I want to make a conscious effort to spend my 24 hours wisely. I want to look at each day as a blessing and opportunity, not another day to grind it all out. I want to believe that I can steward the 24 hours that God has given me well.

So, here are 5 tips for making your Fall schedule:

1. Be honest about what you have committed to this Fall and the time it will actually take. I now take an assessment of every one of my activities and give it a time amount that I am going to commit to. If I play recreation league volleyball, I am committing to 3 hours a week for games and travel time to and from the gym (don't forget the travel time).

2. Decide if you can do all of the things you have committed to. This is super important. I see so many clients say, "I have too much on my plate. I can't have a quiet time, workout, eat healthy, and work, and date, etc." Decide ahead of time, before saying yes to helping babysit, or leading another small group. What is on my plate this Fall and can I add anything or should I take anything away to have a healthy margin for rest in my life?

3. A big key is to plan your REST TIME first in your day. This is the part that blew my mind. When I know I am going to rest and relax, I work harder and smarter in my work time. When I know what I have scheduled to get done. I look forward to the rest time and when my brain wants to offer me a distraction of your tired or need to rest, I just remind it that I am resting at 8pm for 2 hours. It allows me to shorten the time I have to do something and constrain myself to focus on the task at hand. Before I had a never ending to do list and so I never thought I could rest. Now I know exactly what I want to accomplish that day and get it done so I can rest.

4. Schedule your hours by what results you will get accomplished in that time. So from 4-5 it is not work on business. It is, at 5pm I will have 3 blog posts written and 2 weeks of social media planned. Then I know what I have to do during that time and I don't just "work." I am focused and know that I have that to get done. You will see yourself being more productive with your time. I have seen some of my clients do this, they give themselves too long to do a task, and then they let the task drag on for too long. They end up wasting time instead of being focused and clear. Stop that by telling yourself how long something will take. The question always arises, "Angie, what if it takes longer than 5pm to get that all done" then you take finishing it out of your rest time. As you have to give up resting, you will begin to be ok with getting it done so you don't have to miss your rest time. I am learning how to do B- work rather than A+ work. It is allowing me an opportunity to become more efficient and I am getting more done. I don't sit at my desk and think what should I be doing now? I know exactly what needs done and I know what I have to do in that time period.

5. Figure out your morning routines and evening routines so you can get yourself in a rhythm. What do you want to do before you go into work and what do you want to do before you close up shop and head to bed? This has been very transformative for me because I now love my routines. And once you figure it out you just do it. And it is non-negotiable. I wake up and know exactly what I am doing to make the most of my 2 hours before my kiddos wake and the day unfolds. I know what needs to happen before I head to bed, and do it every night. I don’t waste brain energy by thinking should I do this, or should I do that. No, this is what you are doing, you decided ahead of time, now go!

These tips have really helped in my schedule this Fall and I know they will help you too!


The blameless spend their days under the Lord's care, and their inheritance will endure forever. Psalm 37:18