The Thought Download

The power of a blank piece of paper-the thought download

When I wake up, I take a look at a blank piece of paper. It is a powerful tool for me to take what is in my mind, all the stuff, and put it down on paper. I need this. I have so much going on that I am unaware of some detrimental thoughts that are unknowingly pulling me away from who I want to be, who God is wooing me to be.

It is in the process of filling the blank piece of paper with my thoughts that I am able to have awareness. I write things down that I didn’t even know I was thinking. I write and write and write. Sometimes I will set a timer and just go for as long as I have time for. This has been a practice that I have been doing for about a year and when I do it, I am so glad I did. I feel known. I feel like I see me. 
I am able to give myself the time and space that I offer so many others throughout my day. I love asking friends, “Hi… how are you, what have you been thinking about lately?” So, to stop and give myself my own time and attention and say, “Hi, how are you, what have you been thinking about lately?” And then to truly listen and become aware of it. It is like GOLD. 
I feel myself relax into being seen and known and then I am able to spend time with God without the jumble in my head. I am clear and open and in touch with my thoughts. For far too long I was not even AWARE of me. I was continually pushing myself down and trying to cram God over it. I knew there were things that I was dealing with I just didn’t know what.

Now I see where I am, and I am able to see the thoughts that are creating negativity, unnecessary suffering, and the actions that I am taking that is creating a me, that I don’t want to be. 
God is so good to meet me, all of me. My thoughts and concerns. My questions and my dreams. My struggles and my victories. Yet, I need to have an awareness of myself so I can fully come to Him with all of me. He longs to transform my mind (Romans 12) and that takes me doing the work of unpacking what is truly there. 
So, grab a piece of blank paper, and dump it all out. If the idea of a blank piece of paper is too hard I created a downloadable thought prompter.  Check it out here: