I don't know how

These words are creating some interesting results in my life.

I have this problem it is called LAUNDRY. Do you know it? So here is the dilemma.

Saturday and Sunday: no problem throwing some loads in but then it all goes down hill from there

Monday: I see a couple baskets full of clean clothes. I sort them into baskets based on each person, which feels productive, like I am getting somewhere.

Tuesday: kids, myself, and husband need clothes and instinctively know to come to look through the baskets

Wednesday: I get frustrated about clothes and determine I am going to do something about this problem. Which really means I am just going to talk about it, or complain, or beat myself up.

Thursday: I think about putting the clothes away, but get distracted with starting more laundry because all of the laundry baskets are in use and I have dirty clothes sort of getting mixed in with clean clothes

Friday: I am baffled that a fairy has not resolved my problem and then resort to being angry at the world and other humans because of my LAUNDRY PROBLEM.

Repeat the cycle.... Do you know what the problem is. These words.

I don't know.

I truly believe I don't know how to make this work. Like, I really don't know how to wash, dry, fold, and put away clothes.

What I know how to do is: wash, dry, put in baskets and then get angry at the world. I am good at that one for sure!

But what is so funny to me is that I have had this problem forever. Like I think my whole life. It has just become magnified because I am now involved with more people's laundry.

But, at the core I have never had the thought, "I know how to do laundry.". So I started thinking.... how do people who do their laundry (wash, dry, fold & put it away) think about it. I bet they don't spend as much drama as I do around the issue. I bet they figured out a system and then just did it. I bet they decided Monday I do this. Tuesday I do this. Wednesday, and so on. Me I fight with the reality that I have to do LAUNDRY. Like fighting against it is going to change the outcome. No, news flash. If I don't change my thinking about Laundry, it doesn't change!

So I feel like I have had a wake-up call.

I am figuring out how to do laundry all the way through. I am going to make a plan for this up coming week and I am going to follow it. I don't know how but the only way I will know how is to make a plan try it and see how it goes. I am pretending I am doing a science experiment. It is called LAUNDRY. I am going to try out my steps, collect some data, and see if my hypothesis is correct. I want to know how many loads it is going to take to do all the laundry. How long does it take to sort, fold, and put away all of the clothes? I am going to start by figuring out exactly what it takes to get this done and then I am going to figure out my how and when. See so scientific.

But, when I think I am becoming someone who knows how to do LAUNDRY. It is like all of the sudden I have this super power. I am unstoppable. There is no drama around it. It is not up for negotiation. I am doing the Laundry. And when my lower brain offers me the thought, "um, hello, you don't really know how to do laundry."

My response is, "Watch me!"

What are you saying, "I don't know how to do that" to? Is it meet a guy, go on a date, do the laundry, eat healthy, exercise, lose weight, keep up with friends, manage it all, take care of myself? What are those words causing you? I didn't realize that at the root was the thought, "I don't know how to do that." I am so glad I figured it out, because now I know where to start. I may not know how, but I can figure it out.

Did you know every problem is figureoutable?? I love that word (I think Marie Forleo is credited for that word, so don't quote me :)

So, start there... what are you saying I don't know how to and what if you did know?

Here's to solving all the problems!